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Delve into the dark and mysterious world of the Fey, of Vampires and blood, Dwarves and Elves, treachery and betrayal. Follow a path less travelled, of the unusual, intimate relationship of two simply struggling to find their way in this world while innocently touching everyone from the lowest of the low to the highest born.

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Published : July 2016 (online chapters) / August 2017 (ebook)
Genre : Supernatural / Fantasy / Horror
Type : Novel
Format : Online / Web Novel / ebook
Rating : PG
ISBN : 978-0-9872634-5-2
File Date : 15 November 2017
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One girl’s journey of life beyond death and the unexpected realisation that anything this messed up could only be the product of a dysfunctional family.  She had hoped for nothing, was at first disappointed with what she found, but in the end had fallen head over heels for God’s older brother.

Join Regan on a journey that transcends both the mortal and ethereal planes on a task that leaves the whole of reality a little less twisted than it was before.

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Published : August 2016 Revision 2
Genre : Supernatural / Fantasy
Type : Novel
Format : ebook
Rating : PG
ISBN : 978-0-9872634-4-5
File Date : 14 November 2017
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An experiment in graphics and comic lettering. In the twenty-third century Earth was dying.  To save the human conscience the best and brightest minds were transferred into cubes, modular, duplicating, force linked synaptic computers designed to mimic the human mind in the tiniest detail.  In the end those less gifted were also converted.  It was thought these lesser minds would never survive.

Join our reluctant hero as he struggles to learn who or what he has become in the first chapter of the Converts saga.

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Published : October 2013
Genre : Science Fiction
Type : Graphic Novel / Comic
Format : ebook
Rating : G
ISBN : 978-0-9872634-3-8
File Date : 10 October 2013
Changes Since Last Version : None

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All his life Thomas had thought he was somehow different from all the other children at his school on Earth, but it wasn't until he met a girl with a magical, flashing golden band that he found out how truly different he was. On Earth he was odd and not like the others, but in the vast alien Realm he was unique. There was no one else quite like Thomas and the Realm needed him, but there were some people who would stop at nothing to prevent him from completing his mission that had been set in motion almost before he was born. It had all been planned but something terrible had gone wrong and Thomas had been left alone and abandoned on a world that knew nothing of his past.

Join Thomas in the Thomas Strange Chronicles, the first three episode in an adventure series that travels from Earth to the vast alien Realm where nothing is quite as it seems.

NOTE: This is an unedited version of the Thomas Strange Chronicles which was completed in 2010 but never released. It may contain errors, but at the same time includes extra chapters and text not included in the original three novels.

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Published : December 2010
Genre : Young Adult / Science Fiction / Adventure
Type : Novel
Format : eBook
Rating : G
ISBN :978-0-646-54968-2
File Date : 30 September 2017
Changes Since Last Version : Corrections, layout and cover artwork