Originally from the UK Trig had every intention of becoming a chef.  After four years of peeling vegetables writing seemed a good lateral move. Trig now writes full time and still dislikes peeling vegetables.

Trig’s first novel, ‘Thomas Strange and The Forgotten Past,’ published under the pen-name 'Chris Garrett,' was released in July 2004 and was favourably reviewed both online and in print.

The second novel in the series, ‘The Secret of The Rift,' was released in July 2005 and proved to be more popular than the first, receiving many positive reviews.

'The Guardians of the Realm’, the third book in the ‘Thomas Strange’ series, was announced in March 2007 and was as well received as the previous two episodes.

All three novels were later re-released under the name 'Trig Charters.'

A compendium edition, ‘The Thomas Strange Chronicles,’ was completed in December 2010 but not immediately released. It contains all three previous novels plus a considerable amount of extra material excluded when the stories were first published. This version was made available for free download in 2016.

An experiment in graphics and comic lettering, 'Converts #1 Future Cubed' was published in October 2013.

Death's Angel was completed in October 2015 and published in November 2015 and has been well received by readers. Revision 2 was published in Aug 2016 and has been made available for free download.

In July 2016 Trig released the first chapter of 'Fifty Shades of Crimson,' a web based, episodic, fantasy / horror adventure with some of Trig's trade mark sarcastic humour thrown in. With chapters released every few weeks, as well as weekly excerpts, the story generated some considerable interest among readers.

August 2017 saw the completion and publication of 'Fifty Shades of Crimson,' Trig's seventh novel.

Due to on-going health issues and absolutely no assistance from readers after hundreds of thousands of downloads Trig retired from writing in early 2018. The website and downloads will remain online until the ISP contract comes up for review. Please consider donating so that this site and Trig's books can remain online for others.

All works are available to be read or downloaded from the 'Books' page. Check out the 'Reviews' page for the latest feedback and reviews.